Solstice at Palenque, Chiapas

At Palenque, the famous Classic Maya site in the southern state of Chiapas, a poetic statement is replayed year after year in the written history as well as in the art and architecture of the site.
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Keepers of Time

One of the most important accomplishments and contributions of our Maya ancestors—for all humanity past and present—are their calendars.
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The Maya: Ancient and Modern

Just as scientists today study the Sun, Moon, planets and stars, more than a thousand years ago the ancient Maya watched the heavens. Maya community members tell us that they have been in Mesoamerica for many thousands of years. Archeologists separate Maya history into different time periods that differentiate importan...
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The Descent of K'uk'ulkan

Hundreds of people stand gathered in front of an ancient Maya pyramid temple, waiting for the Sun to drop lower in the sky. On this special day – a day of equal hours of light and darkness – it is said that the great feathered serpent god K’uk’ulkan will descend from the sky, slither down the enormous pyramid and energ...
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